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Santa Clarita Gum Disease Treatment

Periodontal Therapy to Improve Your Oral Health

While many people lose teeth with age, it is possible to keep your natural teeth for life. Maintaining good oral hygiene at home and visiting the dentist regularly for professional cleanings and exams is the best way to care for your teeth and the gums and structures that support them.

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss. At Pure Dentistry Children & Adults, we examine our patients’ gums for early signs of gum disease and provide periodontal therapy in Santa Clarita.

Early treatment is essential to prevent further damage. Call (661) 228-6029 to have your teeth and gums examined.

Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease

Periodontal (gum) disease can spread to the bone that supports the teeth and result in tooth loss. We offer effective therapies to combat periodontal disease and restore the health of diseased tissues. There are surgical and non-surgical treatments to restore the health of the tissues that support the teeth.

Procedures for periodontal disease include:

  • Scaling and Root Planing – These are deep cleaning treatments that are the starting point for controlling gum disease. Hand scalers and ultrasonic instruments are used to remove plaque and tartar from below the gum line.Periodontal Cleaning
  • Gum Grafting – When areas of lost gum tissue need to be replaced to protect the tooth roots, healthy gum tissue can be taken from another area of the mouth and relocated to the damaged area. Laboratory-processed donor tissue can also be used.
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery – This is a reshaping procedure to enhance the appearance of the gum tissues.
  • Periodontal Laser Treatment – Diseased gum tissue can be removed with lasers. This is more comfortable and results in less gum shrinkage, compared with conventional surgery.
  • Crown Lengthening Surgery – Part of the tooth structure that is covered by gum and bone tissue can be exposed either for cosmetic reasons or to help secure a new dental crown.
  • Dental Implants – A titanium dental implant is placed below the gum line in the jawbone. After healing, a dental crown is attached to the implant to create a natural-looking replacement tooth.
    Dental Implant

The right procedure depends on how advanced gum disease is and what needs to be corrected. We will carefully evaluate your teeth and gums to recommend an ideal periodontal therapy treatment plan

How to Prevent Gum Disease

The main cause of periodontal disease is dental plaque. Daily brushing and flossing is essential to prevent periodontal disease. There are areas that brushing and flossing can’t reach, so it is important to visit the dentist for regular cleanings and exams.

Below are some of the factors that can lead to gum disease:

  • Excessive sugar consumption
  • Tobacco use
  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Teeth grinding
  • Other diseases such as diabetes

Our skilled Santa Clarita dentists have provided periodontal therapy and other essential dental services for people throughout SCV, including Valencia and Canyon Country. We have the skills and experience necessary to help you get ahead of gum disease.

Visit our office regularly to prevent periodontal disease. If you have signs of gum disease, call (661) 228-6029 for an appointment.

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